Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweet Blessing Day

We were so blessed to have our families all here and bless our babies. They were so sweet, not a fuss or cry from either of them. Matthew gave the sweetest blessings. I always love these days, feeling the spirit so strong and knowing there are those beyond the veil watching and attending, what a special day.

Talmage William
Kirtlyn Rose
Our little Family (got to love Spanish Fork wind)
My beautiful boys
After the blessings, we all packed up lunch and went to the park. The weather was beautiful and we absolutely enjoyed the sun. Yummy food, yummy dessert and of course, a football game broke out on the grass.

All together
Grandpa Steven and Grandma Sharon
Ari, Cameron, Paige, Lauren and Grandpa Field
Becky and Missy
Whiteny, Hayden, Talmage and Kennedy
Aunt Missy didn't let the babies out of her sight while she was in town.
Lunch at the park
Matthew and I sincerely thank all our family and friends for supporting us this day. We are so grateful for these two little miracles, they are here, healthy and strong and we couldn't have made it through without all of you.

Thank you.

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