Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer fun and swim lessons

Summer wouldn't be summer without swim lessons, right?

Garrett with his class
Preston learning to kick
Preston got to wear his goggles in hopes he would put his head under water
(but nope, the only child to come home from swim lessons with dry hair)
And who doesn't come home after a day of swimming to become Jedi Knights and protect house and home?

Oh I love my boys... oops, I mean Jedi's

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Talmage and Kirtlyn!

We're One... We're One!!!
Come to our party!!!

Delicious cupcakes were served.
Fabulous Shirley Temples!
Amazing party decor!
Got to have an amazing outfit!
(my mom made me wear it)
It's all about the dress and the accessories!

Our family and friends gave us fantastic gifts.

Princess Toys!!! Yay for pink!
(I love having girl toys and not always having to play with my brothers' toys)
My favorite puppy!
My favorite Lamb-y!
In Field son tradition, I got my first mitt!
Thanks to all our friends for coming!
We started out clean!
We had yummy cake!

Really yummy cake!
Thanks for coming to our birthday party!
We love you!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

2011 Concert Trifecta

Alright, this year is absolutely my dream come true of concert appearances...
Valentine's Day - Sarah McLachlan
May 24 - U2
July 2nd - Brad Paisley
If you would ask me, my top 3 bands/artists to see live in concert... these would be them.
And I've gotten to see them all within 5 months!!! I am a lucky girl!

Stadium of Fire 2011
The Flyover (highlight!!!)
Lauren - my date for the evening!
(Hey sis, thanks for taking me, I love you!!!)
And who opens for Brad? David Archuleta!
He did awesome, such a sweet kid too.
Oh and did we mention? We got a video message from...
The American Flag making it's entrance attached to a skydiver!
(Lowlight, the skydiver missed his landing and took out a fence, but the flag was quickly snatched up by the color guard)
And then... out comes my all time Country Favorite!
(Thanks Lauren for sending these pics. She sent me 139 photos, so I had to edit down, hope this gives a good sense of the awesome night we had)

Oh! Love the classic white cowboy hat!
(Brad never lose your signature!)
Brad... Lauren and I were twittering you before the show started? What? No shout out to your two biggest fans?
Lauren saying "He's right there!"
Brad even better on the jumbo-tron
Brad... sigh
Brad, classic guitar solo stance
And then...
Stadium of Fire!

Best night ever!!!

And to be fair... Here is a run down of the set list for the night.

Mud on the Tires
The World
Waiting on a Woman
I'm Still a Guy
I'm Gonna Miss Her
This Is Country Music
American Saturday Night
Old Alabama

Thank you Brad Paisley! You make celebrating our great nation's birthday even better! Let's do it again next year!!!

Freedom Festival - Balloon Launch

How fun is it getting up at 5:30 in the morning during the summer???

All the kid-o's loving being surrounded by giant hot air balloons.
The boys absolutely loved the Darth Vader balloon (absolute highlight)
Love my friends!
Does the smile say it all?
Totally worth it!