Monday, February 21, 2011

The Truth Comes Out

All my life, I think I've had a little different perspective and completely different upbringing than my older siblings. As I've gotten older and heard stories from my siblings and shared my experiences, we've laughed over the silly things. My siblings always called me the spoiled one, the baby of the family and that I could do no wrong. Well, I may have been the cutest baby sister, yes, but I also was an only child for a long time, at least through elementary school, junior high, high school and all of college. I walked to elementary school by myself, got myself up and going during my K-12 grades of school while mom worked, and rode my bike to tennis lessons during the summer.

One summer my mom and I were sorting through all our family pictures, divvying them into piles who they belong to in an effort to give everyone pictures of their childhoods. My older brother and sisters piles were quite large, getting smaller with Kirsten and Missy, and mine started after kindergarten and school pictures. My mom put a "baby" picture on my pile, I paused, and looking at it closely, it was quite similar, if not identical to pictures in Missy's pile.

"Mom, this isn't me." I stated.

"Oh, yes it is" she replied.

"Mom, no it's not."

"Oh, it's fine, it's a baby picture, it's fine."

So, I do have a baby picture in my possession... it's not me...
but I have a baby picture, none-the-less.

Here it is, years later, and I find myself in a fit of laughter as another unique moment has presented itself.

My drivers license expired on my birthday two months ago, and I went to get it renewed but now you need a birth certificate or a certified copy to get the plastic permanent one. Well, I didn't have that in my immediate possession and here it is, almost two months later and I realize I never took my certified copy back to the DMV.

I went upstairs and remembering my dad had given me my birth certificate a few years ago, found it quietly filed away under "Cindi."

It's quite an old document, dated Aug 20, 1980. It's black with white writing and as I'm enjoying reading through the contents, I notice the weight is in grams.

Hmm, interesting.

I get on the computer to convert grams to pounds and ounces... My mother always told me I was born at 6 pounds and 3 ounces. I always thought I was a little baby, being born 2 weeks early. I was told I was due to come in January, but came early on Christmas Eve... anyway, back to the birth weight story...

I type into the cool weight converter 3430 grams,
which is...

7 pounds 8.99 ounces

Hmm, sorry to all the people I've told throughout my life that I weighed a lot less...

Oh, mom! I am thoroughly enjoying this literal laugh out loud moment tonight.

Love you mommy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Talmage's mane is under control

Sweet Talmage has been very blessed with a full head of long, flowing hair...
(This was over a month ago!)

But, it's now time to trim it up so we look mildly presentable at Uncle Cameron's wedding on Saturday.

Notice how it's so long now at this point we can't even stand it up.

The Before Picture
The first cut is made

Clean off the top
And After
And voila, a new man!
He's such a sweet boy, he didn't even make a fuss.
Thanks Aunt Haley!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Great Diagnosis is in

After having babies sick for almost a week, Wednesday was by far Miss Kirtlyn's worst day. After she woke up wheezing and red puffy eyes, and looking beyond miserable, I called the doctor and they were very willing to get my two baby LittleField's in right away.

The nurse weighs the babies, Kirtlyn 16 lbs 13 oz and Talmage 16 lbs 3 oz, and takes us into the exam room, does her initial assessment. Takes notes and politely excuses herself.

Aunt Kirsten and I wait for the doctor with babies coughing and moaning. In comes the doctor, asks questions, exams babies, sits back and says...

"You've heard of RSV? Yes, they both have RSV and little Kirtlyn has both ears infected. Talmage has fluid in his ears, but not infected."

Pause... are you serious? I feel horrible.

We immediately do two albutirol treatments on the girl baby and get prescriptions for albutirol and anti-biotics and instructions on what to watch for in case she has to go to the hospital. As a mother, I feel awful that I can't take away the pains and owie's of sickness.

After a few treatments and anti-biotics, Kirtlyn is looking lots better. Talmage is looking tons better. So it's now just a waiting.

Oh babies, I love you and would take this yucky sickness and carry it for you if I could. I will hold and love you and comfort you and will always be there for you.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

My Tribute to Sarah McLachlan

There are many things I love:
My husband
My children
My family
Sarah McLachlan

As a lifelong fan, I have listened and loved her music for years but have never had the amazing experience of seeing her live in person, singing my favorite songs.

Well, a few days before Valentine's Day, Wednesday the 9th, to be exact, I received a FedEx delivery addressed to me and what do I find inside, but two magically appearing tickets to Sarah.

What??? Phone, dial, ring ring, "Hello?"
"he he he, surprise!"

The joy and excitement were almost uncontainable. I honestly really couldn't think about it for the next few days because I would be too excited. Myself, being unaware of her concert schedule, was pleasantly surprised by my sweet husband who got us tickets to see her in Salt Lake City, on Valentine's Day! Of all days, she was in Salt Lake that day.

The above photos are courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune.

Here are the photos taken by my lovely camera phone because guess who forgot to pack a camera? Me!!!

The Amazing Kingsbury Hall
How cool is Sarah McLachlan? She brings her own Wi-Fi

Can you see her? She's right there!!!
I did video two songs, Answer and Angel. I couldn't help myself!

They had a table in the lobby that people could write a question for her and twice during the show, she answered questions and was very candid and funny and so sweet. It was such a great way to interact with the audience.

So if you're a fan, here are the songs I can remember she sang, but have definitely missed a few because she sang for 3 hours!!!

Loving You is Easy
Building a Mystery
Sweet Surrender
Good Enough
I Will Remember You
World On Fire
Answer (My personal favorite)
Hold On
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
The Path of Thorns
The Encore ended the night with
Ice Cream

Wow, what a night! Thank you my sweet Valentine for an amazing day I will never forget, and was so happy to share it with you. I love you with all my heart!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Great Sickness of 2011

(Melodramatic narrative music in background)

February 11, 2011
The winter months have dragged on. I keep looking for an end, the sign of spring and rebirth, but no signs yet. The sicknesses keep getting passed from family to family. We have been pretty lucky to have been passed over a few times, but over these last few days, the sickness has now found us.

We now have three of our precious children inflicted with the great sickness. Coughs, sore throats, congestion, and fatigue, and as a mother, I just want my babies to be healthy. Preston is now five and tries to be strong, but I know he is not feeling well. The babies are seven months and I lose sleep watching over their cribs at night. Talmage seems to have it the worst. I try to keep him medicated, hydrated and soothe him as much as possible. Kirtlyn has the croup and I cringe at the sound the barking cough makes in this little girl.

Let us be hopeful of their recovery and watch diligently for signs of spring and health and good times ahead.

February 12, 2011
Today we woke to a beautiful morning, and sick kids. Today is the day we venture to the Manti Temple to go through for our soon to be sister-in-law Ariana. What a blessing the priesthood is to be able to give our babies blessings before we leave our children in the care of family and friends. We are truly grateful for our families and friends to watch our children while we are away. My thoughts and prayers are with my children as I'm gone, I will be home soon.

What a beautiful temple session. It was a thrill to see the Lord's work being done in such a historic and beautiful building. An experience I shall always

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Coughs and fevers kept us up most of the night. Talmage is having a hard time breathing so we have to do our best to keep his nose clear. Kirtlyn has to breath the cool air outside to open her lungs and Preston has to have medication to keep his fever away. Oh how my heart aches for my little ones. I pray and keep watch over them through the night. My sweet honey helps to rock babies to sleep and administer to them.
The air is changing. I feel it in my bones. The sun is providing a much needed warmth and comfort of warmer weather to come. I cannot wait to take my little ones on adventures outside and through the beautiful mountains and valleys we live in. What a beautiful place to enjoy.