Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Great Diagnosis is in

After having babies sick for almost a week, Wednesday was by far Miss Kirtlyn's worst day. After she woke up wheezing and red puffy eyes, and looking beyond miserable, I called the doctor and they were very willing to get my two baby LittleField's in right away.

The nurse weighs the babies, Kirtlyn 16 lbs 13 oz and Talmage 16 lbs 3 oz, and takes us into the exam room, does her initial assessment. Takes notes and politely excuses herself.

Aunt Kirsten and I wait for the doctor with babies coughing and moaning. In comes the doctor, asks questions, exams babies, sits back and says...

"You've heard of RSV? Yes, they both have RSV and little Kirtlyn has both ears infected. Talmage has fluid in his ears, but not infected."

Pause... are you serious? I feel horrible.

We immediately do two albutirol treatments on the girl baby and get prescriptions for albutirol and anti-biotics and instructions on what to watch for in case she has to go to the hospital. As a mother, I feel awful that I can't take away the pains and owie's of sickness.

After a few treatments and anti-biotics, Kirtlyn is looking lots better. Talmage is looking tons better. So it's now just a waiting.

Oh babies, I love you and would take this yucky sickness and carry it for you if I could. I will hold and love you and comfort you and will always be there for you.

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