Monday, May 30, 2011

Outdoor Adventures

Friday afternoon, Matthew got home from work, we decided to go for a family hike. So where do we go? To the Escalante Cross above the reservoir in Spanish Fork...
With a baby in a pack on my back???

It was seriously so fun... completely confirmed how out of shape I am... but fun nonetheless.

Getting all packed up!

Into the Woods...
We reached the boulders...
("How much longer?" I ask?)
Almost there...

Then we found something very cool...
The geo-cach!! (spelling?)
It's a scroll where you can put your initials saying you were there. The boys thought that was amazing!
At the top... the view...
Completely worth it!
But baby girl got so tired, she finally laid her head on my back and took a snooze.
(If you didn't notice, I started out with Talmage on my back, but he kept pulling my hair and pinching my neck and would giggle to the point of belly laughing when I told him to stop and No... seriously Mr. Mischief Maker)

Got to love being outdoors, I think we'll make some more plans for outdoorsey things this summer!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day!!!

This post is dedicated to my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE BAND in the world.

I woke up yesterday morning, just like any other morning and I realize, I barely slept last night. Hmmm... I wonder why? Oh because tonight I'm going to...

This is my third time seeing U2 live, but the first time I get to go with my sweetie! Oh how excited I was to share this with Matthew!!! So Matthew, me, sis Kirsten and friend Kim drive up to Salt Lake and where do we get to go to dinner before

Oh that's right, The Cheesecake Factory!!! Seriously, best day ever!
We parked "near" the stadium, why on earth it's at Rice-Eccles on the campus of Univ of Utah, but I can't blame them, it had to be outdoors. The stage, lights, sound could not be contained within any walls or ceilings. The Fray opens up and I think we heard a few songs as we were walking to our seats... we did not rush to get there in time to see them... as long as we were seated before

started, I was going to be ok.
How cool is this stage??

And then it starts... We see them enter the stadium and Larry starts playing the drums and we scream as he starts "Even Better than the Real Thing" and then Adam joins in on base and the next thing I know...
Edge (haaaa-lle-lujah)
is playing the guitar and Bono starts... "Give me one more chance, and you'll be satisfied." Can we say they know how to start a show???

During the show, I took a little video clip so I'd remember all the songs they sang and realized I hadn't taken very many still photos, but here is the night sky lit up by a disco ball on top of the stage sending millions of stars out into night air during "With or Without You"
How beautiful is this?
After the show, we ran down to the floor to take more pictures but was literally pushed back by the crew already tearing down the amazing stage.
In case you were wondering, here is the set list as good as I could follow.
Let me walk you through:
- Even Better Than the Real Thing
- I Will Follow (yah, major fav)
- Get On Your Boots
- Magnificent
- Mysterious Ways
- Elevation
- Until the End of the World

At this point, Bono asks Edge: What do you want to play Edge? And it was as if Edge knew I was in the stadium, Edge answers:
- All I Want is You (one of my all time favs)
- Stay (Faraway, so close!)
- Beautiful Day
- Pride (In the Name of Love)
- Miss Sarajevo (one of Matthew's favs)
- Zooropa
- City of Blinding Lights
- Vertigo
- I'll Go Crazy if I don't go Crazy Tonight/Discotheque
- Sunday Bloody Sunday (huge fav)
- Scarlet
- Walk On
- All That You Can't Leave Behind
- One (wow, absolutely incredible)

And then Bono gave a tribute to Bob Dylan on his 70th birthday and sang:
- Blowing in the Wind

Then lead the crowd in
- Happy Birthday (very sweet)

And then... it goes quiet... the stage goes red...
at which point I think is when I lost my voice and they started into:
- Where the Street Have No Name
- The Times They Are a Changing
- Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
- With or Without You
(I got a little selfish and wanted them to sing the additional verse, but no. After Bono was done singing the crowd kept singing and he was taken back while Edge smiled away at how loved they are in Salt Lake City and he did sing an additional chorus, thank you!!)

Then to close the show, Bono gave a tribute to Amnesty International and asked the audience to pull out their phones to light up as they played:
- Moment of Surrender

What an amazing night... aahhhhh.... I love U2

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday is a special day!

Today was a great day...
1. Got to sleep in a little for Saturday morning (thanks babies for sleeping till 8:30!)
2. Got to weed garden in the sunshine! (thanks rain for taking the day off!)
3. Got to spend the day with Lauren (thanks for being awesome!)
4. Got to go to Thai food with sweet sister Kirsten (thanks Thai Drift for coming back from Thailand!)
5. Got to buy a pair of new shoes! (thanks Toms for sending a pair of shoes to a child in need!)
6. Got to walk up the drive way at the end of the day to this...

It's a little light but reads:
"I love you mommy"

7. GET to be a mom to 4 beautiful angels

At the end of each day, when I get to sit still, quiet, and peaceful, I reflect on the day, if the to-do list is complete (nope) and start the growing to-do list for tomorrow and wonder how the cycle of dishes, laundry, cooking, toilets, bathtubs, weeding, sweeping and mopping never ends... but then, that's the joy of motherhood.

I am so grateful to be a stay at home mom.

Instead of punching a time clock, filing paperwork, making copies and sitting through staff meetings and corporate trainings... I get to change dirty diapers, argue with Preston to wash his hair, and remind Garrett that straight sugar is not an appropriate food for breakfast... but I also get unlimited hugs, smiles, kisses, giggles, sweet teaching moments, dances with all my kids, reading time, family home evenings and I get to argue with my older boys that I love them more than they love me... until they win when they say they love me infinity.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Dance

I have always had a dream to be a dancer...
I feel the dance deep within me...

I think it's within her too and she's only 10 months old!
I can't wait to say "I knew her when..."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What is going on???

Ok, so nothing...

I finally sat down to my computer today and checked my email, looked on Facebook, and then looked at my blog and realized I haven't done a whole lot this year...


Why not? Our lives right now are the day to day:

House cleaning



Making beds

Cleaning bathrooms

Feeding children

Bathing children

Yard work

House painting

and that's not all that exciting to blog about...

But it's life...
and it's my life right now...

And I get to do it all for these little ones

Love my LittleField's

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter!!
This year we were able to take some cute pics of all the kids in their Easter outfits. (Talmage didn't think it was a great idea...hence, only a few pics)

Aunt Lauren was able to capture these great shots. Thanks Lauren!!


Then we were able to have two extra special Easter Egg Hunts. One at Grandma Field's where they each found a golden egg with real live golden dollars! And the second at Daddy's office, where our little Preston found the hidden golden egg, in a nest, in a tree! He won the big wrapped prize!

A huge slip and slide with a pool at the end! (now if summer ever gets here, we may be able to use it!)

And of course, we had to get a few shots of the Lil' Miss and The Dress.


Happy Easter to all and to all a good Spring!!