Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday is a special day!

Today was a great day...
1. Got to sleep in a little for Saturday morning (thanks babies for sleeping till 8:30!)
2. Got to weed garden in the sunshine! (thanks rain for taking the day off!)
3. Got to spend the day with Lauren (thanks for being awesome!)
4. Got to go to Thai food with sweet sister Kirsten (thanks Thai Drift for coming back from Thailand!)
5. Got to buy a pair of new shoes! (thanks Toms for sending a pair of shoes to a child in need!)
6. Got to walk up the drive way at the end of the day to this...

It's a little light but reads:
"I love you mommy"

7. GET to be a mom to 4 beautiful angels

At the end of each day, when I get to sit still, quiet, and peaceful, I reflect on the day, if the to-do list is complete (nope) and start the growing to-do list for tomorrow and wonder how the cycle of dishes, laundry, cooking, toilets, bathtubs, weeding, sweeping and mopping never ends... but then, that's the joy of motherhood.

I am so grateful to be a stay at home mom.

Instead of punching a time clock, filing paperwork, making copies and sitting through staff meetings and corporate trainings... I get to change dirty diapers, argue with Preston to wash his hair, and remind Garrett that straight sugar is not an appropriate food for breakfast... but I also get unlimited hugs, smiles, kisses, giggles, sweet teaching moments, dances with all my kids, reading time, family home evenings and I get to argue with my older boys that I love them more than they love me... until they win when they say they love me infinity.

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