Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Talmage and Kirtlyn!

We're One... We're One!!!
Come to our party!!!

Delicious cupcakes were served.
Fabulous Shirley Temples!
Amazing party decor!
Got to have an amazing outfit!
(my mom made me wear it)
It's all about the dress and the accessories!

Our family and friends gave us fantastic gifts.

Princess Toys!!! Yay for pink!
(I love having girl toys and not always having to play with my brothers' toys)
My favorite puppy!
My favorite Lamb-y!
In Field son tradition, I got my first mitt!
Thanks to all our friends for coming!
We started out clean!
We had yummy cake!

Really yummy cake!
Thanks for coming to our birthday party!
We love you!!

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