Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another year

My LittleField's are Five today!!!

I cannot believe how time flies. I mean I can't believe how fast life can pass before your little eyes and your babies are no longer toddlers or babies or even infants for very long.

The boys were so excited to have family and friends come celebrate and bring awesome gifts. They were so happy and gave thanks to everyone.

Make a wish!!!
I asked Preston what he wished for, his response "it won't come true, why would you even ask me that."
Am I the worse mother ever???
Yummy Cake (I hope)
The highlight of the night.
Grandma and Grandpa Field gave them "real live laptops, for real life."
I had just made a cardboard laptop for the boys earlier in the day. I even wrote out all the keys and square monitor with a black sharpie. The neighbor actually put a little apple on the front so it looked like moms computer...
But then! Real Life laptops!
Yup, at 7:30 the next morning they were already on them! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Five Things I love about Garrett:
1 - He loves his puppy
2 - He loves to snuggle
3 - His funny, dry sense of humor
4 - His most genuine, infectious smile
5 - He tells me I'm pretty almost every day

Five Things Matthew Loves about Preston:
1 - He always lets me know what he's thinking
2 - His fear of cavity bugs
3 - His laugh
4 - His natural ability to work any electronic device
5 - He knows his daddy is a super hero

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