Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Soccer-Mom Era has Begun!


Garrett and Preston have waited all week for Tuesday... Game Day... to come!

Of course we have to start with a pre-game huddle!

Preston started out as goal-ee and unknowingly entertained the sideline crowd with his dance moves while all the soccer action was down at the other end of the field.
(Honestly, I understand, sometimes it's minutes before you see the ball!)

"Coach, time out... potty break?"

Penalty kick.
"You are the wall, be the wall."

And during the game, the wrestling match of two 20 month old babies was happening on the sidelines... there isn't a nursery class provided? Really?

Proud papas

Garrett was goalee and didn't see a whole lot of action either, so why not do some pull ups while you wait? Swing a little, work the ab muscles, got to get a workout in sometime.

Sideline throw! Go Garrett

So for the next six to seven weeks, Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will be on the sidelines cheering on our Little-Fields!

Ra ra ra ra ra.... gooooo Pythons!

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