Friday, April 30, 2010

Day before the Big Move

Don't be mad...but while on "bed rest" I went with my sisters to IKEA to buy our dresser. They were ready to have me sign a waiver that they are not responsible for any contractions or trips to the hospital and they made me promise that Matthew knew they were taking me out.

Just with the short trip to Draper and back, we ended up with swollen feet and swollen hands, but we made it. Plus, we got to eat chocolate cake and princess cake in the cafeteria, yum!

We have been so grateful to our family to come help us finish up our packing so we're ready for the morning. Apparently Matthew has planned the couch to be the last thing loaded up and the first thing unloaded so I'll get to set up my throne first thing...nice.

Wish us luck in the morning!

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