Saturday, May 1, 2010

Moving Day!

Well...we made it! I cannot believe how many people showed up to help us today! Isn't it always amazing how when you move, you actually see how much junk you have that you really don't need? Seriously, if you come visit, just plan on taking a box home and guess what wonderful treasures you find.

I was commanded to hold the couch down with Sharon so we could both keep our feet up while the troops loaded the trucks. Thankfully the wonderful Spanish Fork weather, wind, rain and clouds didn't keep the guys from packing and hauling everything out.

We got the bedrooms, kitchen
and family room put together for now.

It's Saturday evening and the last project of the night is the new dresser. Matthew, his Dad and Cameron are currently putting it together and I think we'll be able to sleep comfortably tonight.

We had new neighbors invite the boys to play and they found new friends their same age. But not before they unpacked their own toys and put them away in their closet bins

But what would be a night at home snuggling on the bed with family without thumb wars?

Thanks to everyone who helped! I cannot believe the support you've shown. Now... we're home.

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  1. Your so stnkin cute.... What an amazing family and boys you have... So cute that they unpacked their own stuff... Hope I'm half the mom you are with such amazing kids!!!!