Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sad News

I had a doctor's appointment today and mustered up all my energy to get myself ready, pulled my hair back, oh, so nicely AND put make up on, thank you very much. Went to lunch with my family at Noodles (YUM!) and saw my boss there of all people!!! and got the "aren't you supposed to be in bed?" Umm...yes but I have a doctor's appointment today, and I need to eat right? Awkward!!!

So to the sad news of the day:
Wonderful Mother-in-Law drove me to the doctor, weight gain good, blood pressure good, go in to see the doctor and got the sad news of... "so you're measuring good, about what full term would be with one baby." .... What? Ok, I know, I know, I'm having two, but... HOLY COW, I'M HUGE!!!

I finally figured out when people say, "you're not that big for having two..." they're just being nice.

But after the doctor's appointment, we came back to Grandma's to get boys and they drew beautiful sidewalk chalk art. (I'll interpret what you're about to see)

Artist: Preston

A movie for Mommy
Artist: Preston

A silly flower
Artist: Garrett

A beautiful flower drawn by my talented 4 year old, just kidding.
Artist: Aunt Lauren

And the sweetest thing you'll see all day:
"A picture of Mommy and Daddy, each holding one of the babies"
Artist: Garrett

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