Saturday, April 30, 2011

Letter to Spring

Yesterday it snowed two inches and we were trapped inside all day.

Today... Spring was here, a little cool. All you needed was a light jacket... (name the movie)

The boys finally picked up their bikes for the first time this year...

And they rode like old pros, like they've done it all their lives!
(huge milestone, since the second we took off their training wheels last year, they stopped riding)

Preston flying by
Garrett cruising down the road
And I even went for a ride around the block!
Dear Spring,

I know it was a long winter, and I hope you had a great vacation. I was thinking, I know sometimes we procrastinate, don't worry, we all do it. But if you could come and show us your beautiful creations, warm sun, bright cheery personality, I know, I for one would be truly grateful.

Best wishes and hoping to see you soon,

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