Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bringing Home Baby "B"

What an amazing day! After a long 19 day wait, we got to bring our little sister Kirtlyn home today! She is absolutely amazing! We got to go to the hospital and pick up our little girl and go visit Grandpa and Grandma Field's house before coming home. Once we got home, Grandpa Steve and Grandma Sharon came over to visit, as well as Aunt Kiki and the Shipman boys.

Needless to say, she is tired out and is all curled up in her bed... until the next meal time, which might be very, very soon...
All bundled up in her car seat.. how many different shades of pink can you find?

All five of us for a family picture... it just feels like some one is missing... Talmage, little man, come home!!!

Hopefully he will be home on Tuesday. How crazy is it going to be still needing to go to Orem to the hospital to feed Talmage and feed baby Kirtlyn and get Garrett and Preston around... Well... bring on the mini-van chauffeuring of kids and time management (good thing swim lessons ended Friday, right?)

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