Friday, July 23, 2010

Yeah for good news!

We found out that our sweet little baby girl Kirtlyn might get to come home on Sunday. I'm so excited! She is doing great for being a little sicker than Talmage in the beginning. The nurses keep telling me she is a little spitfire and she lets you know when she's upset. So little girl drama starts at an extreme early age, meaning in the womb. It doesn't surprise me at all when I hear that, what with her taking over my tummy and giving her brother about an inch to maneuver in. She is the queen of her comfort and I figure we are all going to have learn the best way to "handle" little Kirtlyn.

I'm so excited that they might be home soon. I figured out that by today (meaning length in hospital) we were bringing Garrett home first and Preston came the next day. This go-around is definitely trying our patience even more, but with patience come the blessings of bringing baby home. Oh how I need to squeeze, hold, rock, hug and kiss those little ones!!!

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