Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fiesta Days 2010

It wouldn't be summer without going to a carnival, right? We always go to the Fiesta Days in Spanish Fork and this year the boys enjoyed all the rides and sugar we could find.
Pirate ship roller coaster...
We made it to the final ride of the night, the carousel. Mom had beyond swollen feet, Dad was out of cash and Preston and Garrett picked the right ducky to go home with new stuffed animals, thank heavens!!!
But wait... Mom can't leave a carnival without funnel cake... Strawberry Delight was it's name and it lived up to all expectations... Don't you just want to take a bite??? You can't, cause we ate it all!
While we were at the carnival, our sweet babies were waiting patiently for mommy to come feed them and I just had to take a picture of Kirtlyn in her dress. It was adorable!
Talmage is looking more and more like Matthew's baby pictures. What a cutie!
And yes... they love their binki's. Yeah for the baby plug!!!

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