Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the Tenth Day till Christmas

My True Love gave to me...

Ten wonderful years

I am amazed at the rate at which times flies. As a child, summer break lasted forever and you couldn't wait to go back to school. During school, summer break couldn't come fast enough. Right now... 2010 is almost over and I can't believe what has happened to our little family, this year alone.

Ten years doesn't come without ups and down, trials and successes and arguments and laughter. I am so blessed to have a loving husband who is a great father, great husband and my best friend.

Top Ten Lessons Learned

10. There will always be a rock in boy's pants that get washed clean - check all pockets before starting laundry.
9. There will always be one egg short for whatever recipe you are currently in the middle of - check all ingredients before commencing baking.
8. There will always be a superhero hiding in some household decor - don't worry, this is for your safety.
7. There will be a cup of "something" being frozen in the freezer - always throw away, do not thaw.
6. There will be one last ice cube that didn't make it into the cup - don't wear socks in the kitchen.
5. There will always be spit up when playing with baby after a meal - don't shake baby.
4. Do not attempt to "assist" in fixing things unless requested.
3. Do not be a backseat driver in rush hour traffic, or in a construction zone, or... ever.
2. Laugh as much as possible.
1. Always kiss good night.

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