Tuesday, March 1, 2011

California - Land of Sun...

...And snow???

Thursday morning
and Thursday afternoon...

Kirsten and I drove out to California to help our sister Missy who is amazingly pregnant with her eighth child and getting her house ready to sell.

We spent the time cleaning, giggling, making food, giggling, cleaning up, and playing Grandma's game. Our favorite card game we played with our family growing up.

Then Saturday, we hopped in the car and drove out to Oakland to visit Grandma Nelda.
(She is almost 93, can you believe it! She looks amazing!!)
I quietly snuck around her apartment taking pictures. She has lived here for almost 23 years and it hasn't changed a bit, except the current pieces of art work she displays. I love her decorating, it's such a feeling of home to be here on the 17th floor, overlooking the beautiful hills of Oakland with the Oakland Temple only a few miles away.

I think I recognize those two little babies on the wall.
She has Lladro pieces everywhere, and you can guarantee, any dish like this one with a lid (or no lid) will have candy in it. Today was Dove chocolate pieces, hard candy, and toffee pieces.

For me, California is like going home. You just know where your roots are. What a great trip.

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