Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Collection is Growing

Apparently, I am building a new collection for myself.

About a week after Christmas we had to put two new tires on the front of the van because they were as bald as... well anything really really bald, and I was having a hard time driving through the snow and yup, in my garage, flat tire number one on the front driver's side tire.
Hmm... what is it?
Oh, that's right, it's the pin to some one's trailer hitch.
(Question, why isn't this in your trailer hitch???)

And yes, my sweet husband brought it back from the tire shop as a souvenir.
Well, as luck would have it, another flat tire has found it's way into my garage.
And we're not even sure what it is! Something tore into my tire and put a lovely unrepairable splice in my tire, forcing us to buy what now? Two new tires for the back!

Now I'm paranoid to drive and shouldn't be allowed on the road. Next time you're at my house, come look at my beautiful shadowbox full of
"Things Not to Drive Over"

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