Saturday, March 26, 2011

The "Didn't-Do" List

Today is Saturday which usually means getting to sleep in a little and house chores...etc. etc.

I guess today was not really that day.

My "To-Do" List turned from:
- Clean out garage
- Sweep and mop floors
- Clean out boys room
- Organize baby clothes
- Clean all bathrooms
- Vacuum all rooms

Into my "Didn't-Do" List and instead I did:
- Lunch with my big brother, husband, and kids
- Drive with family to Salt Lake for decor shopping
- Eat a lousy Gandolfo's sandwich (depressingly because usually they are the best!)
- Bathe four children and put to bed
- Sit on couch and surf the web while hubby hangs pictures
- Stay up way too late on FaceBook
- Realize how much I love spending time with my sweetie and amazing kids!

All in all... I'd say a pretty productive day!

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