Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

What a fun Father's Day. My handsome boys all dressed up for church. Preston had a tummy ache all morning and didn't want to go and kept asking Garrett to "please tell teacher I have a tummy ache and I'm home with mommy"... but yes, by noon he's fine and able to go.
Again we had a BBQ at the Field House and Kimball brought Harley, the cutest parrot ever. He even hides himself in Kim's shirt and says "where's Harley?" and almost giggles, knowing you can't see him. So smart.
Week 33 Update!!
The babies should be over 4 pounds each right now and have passed the 17 inch mark. (Holy cow! Let's do the math... 8 pounds of baby, over 34 inches of length, plus everything else in there! Can we say ouch?)
Their bones are hardening and they're gaining a little baby fat so they're probably looking a little more normal.
I cannot wait to see them!

We meet with the Perinatologist on Wednesday so we're hoping to hear when we can schedule the babies to come! Wish us luck!!

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