Monday, August 9, 2010

The energy is returning...

Maybe... maybe not.
Matthew complained that all the pictures of him are of him sleeping.
Well... when you're asleep and I have the camera, what are you gonna do about it?

Today is Monday and after a fun weekend, I finally felt like I had some energy to start taking care of my house again. Matthew has been helping do all the house cleaning, cooking and shopping while I was on bed rest and today I finally felt like I had some energy back. It was so nice... but then again, I did get a lot of reading done on bed rest, dang it!

Some fun happenings:

Talmage actual size: my lap.
I know this picture is a little blurry, but this is the comparison of baby Talmage to Uncle Steve's foot.
Hmm... a little similar in size huh?
Uncle Cameron holding both little Orange bundles.

As I sit here blogging about the recent events of the last few days, with my little ones on a blanket on my bed staring at who-knows-what, looking at each other, giving each other high-fives, and squeaking those little baby squeaks, I have to say I am truly blessed. The ups and downs Matthew and I have gone through for almost 10 years to get these little blessings from heaven here, has truly humbled and amazed me. The love and support from family and friends has given us strength, patience and the determination to not give up, and it has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. I find myself saying a little prayer of thanks all through out the day as I take care of 4 precious gifts and feel completely undeserving, but eager to take on the challenge and thrill that each new day has to offer.

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  1. What an incredible mom you are. I just love your little family and can't wait to watch them grow. I just love you to death Cindi.