Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh the many sounds...

A baby can make...

Crying baby (that's a given)
Squeaking baby (ok this one too)
Baby Jaguar
Old grandpa-man coughing fit
Young teenager belches
Full adult man-size belch
A baby bleating lamb
A little 8 year-old girl throwing a tizzy fit
Alarm clock
Mice size sneezes
Daddy size sneezes
Barking puppy dog
"It's just air"
Old man grunts (you know what I'm talking about)

Due to twins... Dolby Surround Sound Stereo of:
- Say... a party of 100 plus guests
- Who can call to mommy the loudest
- Who can make daddy run in the room the fastest
- Competition of "Size Doesn't Matter, I'm Still Louder!"

But in the end... You gotta love 'em!

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