Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The "Project" Day 2

Not to update each workout, but with Day 2 of the "project" down, we'll call it Operation Fitness, I have the feeling I've gone from "squishy" to green jell-o. When starting the workout for the day, I was very pumped and very proud of myself, I had all the confidence in the world (at least the dream of confidence). But, it should have sent pretty little red flags up when the warm-up to the routine had my heart pounding and little pools of sweat gather under my hair line... Doesn't that freak you out? Well, after one hour of plyometrics (aka jump training) I no longer have the dream of confidence, I have all the confidence in the world... (at least until I have to get up off my couch and try to walk upstairs to my bed... on second thought, this is an extremely comfortable couch... yup, it'll do, good night.)

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