Thursday, August 19, 2010

Play Time

Tummy time! Kirtlyn is learning to tolerate tummy time, Talmage loves it. It's so cute watching them get stronger and stronger every day. They are growing and changing by the minute!
Kirtlyn found a new binki...
The babies enjoying the bouncers. Preston likes to turn on the music for them and the "bumpies" to help keep the babies happy.
But... if the babies aren't going to be in the bouncers, Preston and Garrett will make sure some one enjoys them... even if it is Buzz and Woody Build-A-Bears. I had to laugh coming downstairs this morning and seeing this.
Talmage saying hi. He is getting bigger, slowly but surely. I can tell he's starting to recognize me and I swear he smiles at his Momma! He is truly the sweetest baby, he makes me smile all day.
'Lil Miss, bright eyes and all! I could just eat her up. She's a sweet baby too, a little more "vocal", if you will, but truly a sweet little thing.
Oh these sweet babies we have been blessed with.

Truly, they are the pride of their father, and the ultimate joy of their mother.

Oh no, I just heard both of them creating mini-earthquakes, that's my queue.


  1. I know I keep saying this, but.....they are SO. CUTE.

  2. yay for pictures i love seeing these little babies they are growing up so fast.