Saturday, October 30, 2010

Costume Day 2010!

Happy Halloween!!!

The boys were so excited to go Trick or Treating... but thanks to fall Utah County weather, the clouds rolled in, the thunder struck, the rains came down and the hail fell fast! The boys and Daddy had to wait under a neighbor's porch for at least a small break in the rain to make a run for it home. They came in soaked and the boys got to help me hand out candy for the rest of the evening. You got to love it when only a few houses is enough for them! Daddy got to sit and hold babies and watch game 3 of the World Series, go Giants!

Here are the people in my life who make me smile, glow, snicker, giggle and ultimately beam whenever I see them.

My Little Pumpkin Patch
My heroes (except for the evil Darth Sidius in the middle, he's spooky!)
Two little Jedi's who make me smile on a minute by minute basis.

Highlight: Beautifully made costumes by Grandma Field, love you!
Lowlight: Rain and hail made Trick or Treating last only 15 minutes (maybe that is a highlight)

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!!!

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