Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Hunting

Today was the day! We packed up the kiddos and made our way to Pumpkin-land to hunt down the perfect one. We love our pumpkin carving tradition but all that has to start with the right pumpkin.

My sweet Garrett wanted the ones not for sale and couldn't understand...
"It's right here, why can't we get this one?"
Preston loves to be in charge of things,
so he was in charge of hauling away our stash.
The guardian of the pumpkins.
Daddy's pick, what's he going to do this year???
Apparently while we were out, our house has been taken over by ghosts! So please beware when you come to visit us, they are everywhere!!!
Did I not tell you? They're everywhere!!
Seems like we're on track for a spooky Halloween!

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