Friday, October 15, 2010

Family Vacation... finally

We actually left the house for a small family vacation after a very busy and yet not-so-busy 2010 year. In support of Matthew riding in the Tour de St. George, we packed up the Field troops and made our way down south to the land of sun, warmth and snow birds.

We enjoyed a day in the sun with cool drinks, warm sun and Kade showing us at what height a water balloon will pop. Kirsten learned it's at Kade's ear level, not shoulder height, just 3 inches above that.

My cute boys!
Lounging by the pool (Kirsten, I counted to 2, you couldn't look at the camera??)
Sweet Garrett
Cute Bryson
Do I get in?.... I think I can, I think I can
Aunt Kiki on baby duty
Aunt Becky too!
Oh, and cousin Hayden
I have the coolest nephews... or smoothest??
This little girl just makes me smile...
Car-car, you got to love him!!
Kasen kept using the water can to cool Matthew's feet while he was lounging in the sun (whether Uncle Matt asked him to or not)
Oh I love my fam!!!

(Pictures of the Tour de St. George to come as soon as my camera cord that I left in St. George comes in the mail)

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