Friday, October 29, 2010

This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

What a fun week! The boys had their pre-school party and got to play Bingo, decorate cookies, create their own jack-o-lantern treat bags and read a few Halloween stories.
Mathew dressed up for his work party and apparently had a fun time driving down the street!
Friday we had our pumpkin carving night and had the Evans family over. What a blast! The boys got to dig out their pumpkins (eewww gross!) and decorate cookies.
Here are the fruits of our labor. Matthew did Darth Maul since that's what he dressed up as. The boys did different Jack Skellington faces (ok, Matthew did them) and I did an owl. Tons o' fun!
We had some fun Halloween activities leading up to the big day, hopefully tomorrow will be a fun day of Trick or Treating!!

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  1. man you guys should enter a pumpkin carving contest...those are AWESOME!!!