Monday, October 25, 2010

To My Cycling Champion

I dedicate this post to my ever inspiring, aiming to do better, reaching higher, goal achieving, awesomeness off the charts, Tour de St. George racing hubby, Matthew.

This year, Mr. Awesome found a new hobby, which he has taken to so naturally and found a love in cycling. The reason for my high praise is since he started cycling only 4 months ago, last weekend he signed up for a 65 mile bike race in lovely St. George Utah, and due to Utah Construction Season, they added another 10 miles on top of that and he completed a 75 mile bike race. Along the race he was witness to a woman crashing over her handlebars, a man having a heart attack, pit stops running out of water, an extra 3 mile detour and due to another biker's mistake, ended in a crash after the finish line. With all that happened in the 4 and a half hours, my respect, love and awe for said Mr. Awesome just grew even more.

Love you sweetie.
The start of the race
Jordan, Matthew and Shane counting down!
Along the race route
And here they come!
After 75 miles, what an accomplishment!
I'm so proud of you sweetie, maybe next year I'll do it with you... wait, they have a 30 miler right???

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