Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Day is Done

Wow what a day it has been.
I'm amazed as I sit here at 9:36 Saturday night and feel my body (completely overwhelmed by the day) finally start to relax.

Saturday morning equals: breakfast, changing babies, feeding babies, work out, shower, dress, hair (I have to apologize to my nephews for having to see me with velcro rollers in my hair, it's not pretty but I didn't have the energy to round brush, hence velcro rollers, sorry boys) and no make up, it's Saturday for crying out loud!, change babies, feed babies, house cleaning, put babies down for nap, tell the boys to get dressed for the umpteenth time (it took over an hour today, world record or average time? you decide)

Turns into:

Saturday afternoon of: feed boys, clean up toys, change babies, feed babies, go with sister to store for dinner fixings and diet Dr. Pepper run, come home, clean up kitchen to start dirtying it up again for dinner

Works it way into:

Saturday evening of: making dinner, start BYU game at least 30 minutes in to skip commercials, change babies, feed babies, eat dinner, referee the boys soccer game outside, bounce little Kirtlyn around the living room, put babies down for a nap, eat some dessert, watch BYU win the by the skin of their teeth, say good bye to cousins, clean up kitchen, put boys in shower, tell them to get dressed for bed umpteen times again, say prayers, change babies, feed babies, wash face, take out contacts, sit in bed with another ice cold diet Dr. Pepper, and finally take a breath...

Are you exhausted? I am.

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