Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Dance of Sunday Afternoon

I love Sundays. Since our ward meets at 1:00, the mornings are always so lazy. The boys pile with us on the bed all practically smothering around the babies and just talk, play, listen to music and then realize the time and start the Sunday Dance...

I hop in the shower
Matthew irons all the shirts
I get ready
Matthew hops in the shower
I dress the boys
Matthew gets the boys a snack
I bathe and dress the babies
Matthew reviews his lesson
I get church bags ready
Matthew does the boys hair
I put the baby bag together
Matthew helps boys find their shoes
I search for binki's
Matthew puts the babies in the car seats
I put the boys in the car
Matthew puts the babies in the car... and we're off.

Chances are, we're walking in a few minutes before it starts... alas, no, we're late, but again, a beautifully choreographed Sunday dance.

Today being no exception, I realize how blessed we are.

Highlight: Grandpa and Grandma Field and Aunt Lauren came over and brought us dinner!

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